New Signers Invited for Nuclear Letter

The letter to Presidential Science Advisor John Holdren, signed by more than 300 scientists, engineers, and others, is still open for new signatures, announced its organizer John Shanahan. The letter makes  three recommendations:

(a) continue to build Light Water Reactors,

(b) start building the Integral Fast Reactor and finish the metallic fuel recycling technology, and

(c) establish full scale domestic program for production of isotopes for nuclear medicine.

He and his colleagues see it as a cornerstone document for a “Go Nuclear!, Inc” video documentary, youth training, and public education project of the next several years. See: “We are continuing to invite additional signatures from people who understand and support these three goals,” Shanahan said.

Those who want to sign the letter and circulate it to colleagues, can find the full list of signatories, as of July 17, 2011, here.

Signers should email the following information to
John Shanahan, in Denver, Colorado, at

1) Name as you want it listed in the Holdren Letter.

2) Full home address, telephone number, e-mail address (for verification and continued contact). You will be listed by the state or country.

3) Highest academic degree earned and specialty field

4) Two to four sentence description of your career and professional honors.