Save the Human Species: Call to Action




Dear LPAC Supporter;


The London and Wall Street financial oligarchy now in their death agony are going in for the kill -- of the entire human species. The method of achieving this end, is the fraud of so-called "green energy", which actually means the reduction of energy (and therefore food) supply worldwide. LaRouchePAC has launched a campaign to destroy this environmentalist policy by exposing the inherent fraud of the second law of thermodynamics on which its energy policy and "anthropogenic global warming" fraud are based, and by presenting the actual nature of the biosphere's evolution and mankind's continuation of this evolution expressed through higher forms of energy flux density of power, such as nuclear power.


The State of New Jersey is now at the front lines in settling this question inside the United States, and you have an opportunity to fight and crush this policy by participating in submitting and delivering testimony concerning the Governor's “Energy Master Plan” (aka the "Energy Master Race Plan").


New Jersey, a formerly, highly industrial state, now second only to California (which has ten times the land area) in amount of solar energy produced per year, is clearly the chosen test case for collective suicide. The Sierra Club, and other so-called environmentalist organizations are fully mobilized to shut down New Jersey’s nuclear and coal fired power plants, to “replace” them with solar and wind power. This is a physical impossibility, and just means we will have no electricity.


On July 26th, I personally participated in the first of three hearings taking place over the course of three weeks. I am now asking you to join me in submitting written or public testimony against the proposed plan, and attacking it at its roots. To my horror, of the 300 or so people at the first hearing, only myself and another LaRouche PAC activist had the courage to denounce this head on, in what was otherwise a Nuremburg type atmosphere for REDUCING energy supply and consumption to stone-age levels.


Let us flood the state with a scientific exposure of the fraud, and demonstrate that there are Americans who intend to claim our hereditary right to progress.


The Board of Public Utilities is accepting testimony in writing and in person, at public hearings on August 3, and 11th, and online until August 25. If you live in New Jersey and would like to speak at the hearings, please contact me at immediately. Otherwise, I urge you to submit written testimony through the address and link below. Please cc your testimony to, as it will be helpful to us in this mobilization, and so we can make sure it actually gets to the attention of the board.


Finally, LaRouche’s answer to a questioner on solar and wind panels from the last webcast, and my video report on this may be of use to you in planning your testimony. It is time for the people that love the human race to stand up to those like Christie and his mentor Obama who would prefer that we go extinct.


Thank you for your action on this matter.


Diane Sare,

LaRouche Democrat for Congress, NJ 


The State of New Jersey EMP website provides the following addresses for email submission: or, NJBPU Office of Communications