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Special Report Science and the LaRouche Youth Movement

How It Is, That Every American Shall Come to Understand Gauss
Sky Shields

Learning the Science of Pedagogy
Riana St. Classis

LaRouche in Dialogue with Youth (partial text)
Lyndon H. LaRouche talks with youth from three continents.


Illustration by Christopher Sloan

The Elements, the Solar System, and the Prebiotic Principle
Laurence Hecht
A new look at the geometric model of the atomic nucleus proposed by Robert J. Moon, a physical chemist in the anti-Bohr tradition.
What Is the Moon Model of the Nucleus?

Six-Cornered Snowflakes and Five-fold Symmetry
Ralf Schauerhammer
How Johannes Kepler’s examination of “nothing,” produces something to think about.

MAGLEV: The New Mode of Transport for the 21st Century (full pdf)
James Powell and Gordon Danby

The inventors of the world’s first superconducting maglev system tell how magnetic levitation can revolutionize world transportation, and even carry payloads into space.

Science and the LaRouche Youth Movement
Laurence Hecht



The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won’t Run the World
by Howard C. Hayden
Reviewed by Greg Murphy

The Conquest of Space
by David Lasser
Reviewed by Marsha Freeman

Stikky Night Skies
by Laurence Holt Books
Reviewed by Rick Sanders

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