Featured in the Fall 2000 issue Vol. 13, No. 3
Fall 2000 cover

Three Gorges Dam: The TVA on the Yangtze River
by William C. Jones and Marsha Freeman
China’s Three Gorges Dam, modelled on the Tennessee Valley Authority, will greatly reduce the threat of flooding, and lead to a new era of economic development.
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Why Artificial Intelligence Is Stupid—And Dangerous

Where Do We Attach the Head?
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Until a fundamentally new approach is taken to scientific work, there is no way the AIDS epidemic can be effectively countered.

The Artificial Reputation of John von Neumann’s Intelligence
Ralf Schauerhammer
Von Neumann has been lauded as “the Man of the Century,” and the “inventor of the computer,” but his so-called accomplishments are computed out of thin air.
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The First Programmer Was a Woman

How Norbert Wiener Found Cybernetics, and Lost Human Creativity
Ralf Schauerhammer
Cyberspace and information technology are infected with a deadly “bug,” which incapacitates individuals and society, by denying the existence of cognition.

Programmed to Kill: Video Games, Drugs, and the ‘New Violence’
Michele Steinberg
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Science Magazine Peddles Nazi Eugenics
Jeffrey Steinberg
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Reflections on Artificial Intelligence: Is the Mind a 'Thing'
Laurence Hecht

Environmentalists Are Destroying Our National Forests
Richard Bennett

The Lesson of Los Alamos: America’s Forests Need ‘Active Management’
Thomas Bonnicksen, Ph.D.

New Key Unlocks Puzzle of the Hanoi Tower
Jacob Welsh



Advances in Developing the Moon Nuclear Model
Laurence Hecht
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Who Was Robert J. Moon?
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Nuclear Transmutation Considered As Cause in Geologic Transformation
Jack Sauers

Deregulation: Turning Out America’s Lights
Marsha Freeman


Excess Heat: Why Cold Fusion Research Prevailed
by Charles Beaudette
reviewed by Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.

The Sun in the Church: Cathedrals As Solar Observatories
by J.L. Heilbron
reviewed by Rick Sanders

The Rainbow and the Worm: The Physics of Organisms
by Mae-Wan Ho
reviewed by Ron Castonguay

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