Winter 1998-1999 Vol. 11, No. 4

Science and Life: A Dialogue on the Importance of Keeping People in a Healthy, Unbalanced State

On the Fate of Gurwitsch’s Work

Beyond Molecular Biology: The Biophoton Revolution
Dr. Jonathan Tennenbaum

The Burn-wave Fission Reactor: H-Bomb Science to Power the World
Charles B. Stevens
From the world’s pioneers in nuclear explosive devices comes a revolutionary new design for safe, foolproof fission reactors to power human civilization for the next century.

Can We Measure the Earth?
Geodesy and Man’s Voyage Beyond the Frontiers
Caroline Hartmann
A 2,250-year review of how man solved the paradox of measuring the unique, constantly changing spheroid on which we live.

What Ever Happened to Cold Fusion?
Dr. Edmund Storms

Shocking U.N. Report Shows African Holocaust:
of Population Growth Rate Continues through 1998
Paul Gallagher

In the Footsteps of Humboldt:
A Development Program for Ibero-America
Beth Pascali

Eratosthenes in Action: The Decipherment and Discovery of a Voyage to America in 232 B.C.
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Indian Inscriptions from the Cordillere in Chile Found by Karl Stolp

Can the Greens Destroy Nature?
James Dunn, Ph.D.

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