Summer 1998 Vol. 11, No. 2

Krafft Ehricke’s Moon: A Lush Oasis of Life
Marsha Freeman
Only a grand vision for lunar development will move space programs into the future.


    Introduction: Alexander Gurwitsch: Father of Biophysics
    Colin Lowry

    Alexander Gurwitsch and the Concept of the Biological Field, Part 1
    Michael Lipkind
    A student of the great biologist discusses the importance of Gurwitsch’s thought and work.

    Remarks on Gurwitsch’s Method
    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
    An economist comments on the importance of Gurwitsch’s method for physical economy, in particular, the spread of pandemics like AIDS.

Simulation of Ampèrian Current Elements by Magnetic Toroids
Thomas E. Phipps, Jr., and Jorge Guala Valverde
A relatively simple experiment, using U-shaped magnets in a toroidal configuration, demonstrates the existence of Ampère’s angular force, which has been written out of physics by Maxwell, Grassmann, Lorentz, and their epigones in today’s physics establishment.

The 7th International Conference on Cold Fusion: The Latest Word about Cold Fusion
Dr. Edmund Storms

There’s No Truth to the Rising Sea-level Scare
Dr. Richard D. Terry
A marine geologist examines the myth that global warming will raise sea levels.

Extra-Terrestrials Have Never Visited the Earth
Julian Grajewski

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