Spring 1998 Vol. 11, No. 1

Michelson-Morley-Miller: The Coverup

    The Experiments of Dayton C. Miller (1925-1926) and the Theory of Relativity
    Maurice Allais

    On My Experiments in Physics, 1952-1960
    Maurice Allais
    Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity rest on the allegedly null results of Michelson’s interferometer experiment. Here, a French physicist and Nobel Laureate in economics, demonstrates that Michelson’s results were not null, and that the interferometer experiments of the American scientist Dayton Miller produced positive results, thereby invalidating the foundation of the Theory of Relativity.

    Background: Optical Theory in the 19th Century, and the Truth about Michelson-Morley-Miller
    Laurence Hecht
    To understand the ground-breaking significance of Dayton Miller’s ether drift measurements, one must go back to the original discoveries of Fresnel on the wave theory of light and its subsequent development in the 19th century.

Into Space from the Sea
Oleg A. Sokolov
Since the dawn of the space age, nations have lofted satellites into space from launch sites on land. Soon, for the first time, satellites will also be reaching space from the sea.

All Chernobyl’s Victims:
A Realistic Assessment of Chernobyl’s Health Effects
Zbigniew Jaworowski

AIDS and the Duesberg Controversy

Science Versus the HIV Phenomenon

AIDS, Duesberg, and Fundamental Skepticism

Dr. Peter Duesberg: Disinformation Agent?

The Challenge of Developing an AIDS Vaccine
Colin Lowry

Kyoto Protocol Means U.S. Energy Austerity
Marsha Freeman

Special for Young Scientists
Getting to the Square Root of the Math Problem
Elijah C. Boyd

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