Winter 1997-1998 Vol. 10, No. 4

The Analytical Prison of the Cartesian Mind
Christine Bierre
Why creativity cannot coexist with Rene Descartes’s philosophical formalism.

The Impact of Volcanic Eruptions on Worldwide Weather
Gerald G. Kuhn
A historical look at the connection between volcanic eruptions and extreme weather-storms, excessive rainfall or drought, earthquakes, and high winds-which forces the weather issue to a higher plane than is usually addressed.

The Medical Effects of Marijuana on the Brain
Karen Steinherz and Thomas Vissing
New research on marijuana confirms that it damages cognitive functioning. Pot legalization would spread this disability.

Death Rates Up, Birth Rates Down: The Near-Term Danger of World Population Implosion
Paul B. Gallagher

Cold Fusion: An Outcast of Science
Dr. Edmund Storms

Coaxing Nature in Building the Powerful New Telescopes
David Cherry

Interview with Roger Angel: The New Telescope Mirrors: Rigid Honeycombs with Deep Curvature

Interview with John M. Hill: Humble Beginnings of the Large Binocular Telescope

Leonardo for Young Scientists: The Seashell’s Secret Revealed
Richard Welsh

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