Fall 1997 Vol. 10, No. 3

Was Darwin an Evolutionist or, Just a Social Reformer?
Dino de Paoli
The continuing evolution of man depends on the cultivation of his inborn light-creative cognition-not Darwin’s Malthusian “survival of the fittest.”

Spaceless-Timeless Boundaries in Leibniz
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
The Platonic notion of a self-bounded domain is the center of work founding modern experimental physics, and the central feature of economist LaRouche’s own work on the subjects of cognition, evolution, and the physical-economic notion of “anti-entropy.”

Interview with Charles P. Vick:
Why the Soviets Never Beat the U.S. to the Moon
An expert on the Soviet space program discusses how recently declassified material confirms his painstaking discoveries over decades about why the Soviet Union was unable to win the space race.

China Is Going Nuclear! Interview with Dr. Ronald L. Simard:
China’s Nuclear Program Has Tremendous Potential for the U.S.

The Hazards of U.S. Policy on Low-level Radiation
Jim Muckerheide and Ted Rockwell

Leonardo for Young Scientists:
Light: ‘That Which Most Elevates the Mind’
Susan Welsh

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