Summer 1997 Vol. 10, No. 2

Gödel, Cantor, and Leibniz
Mathematics and the Paradoxical in Nature
Dino de Paoli

Only the “positive paradox,” as a method of creative thinking, can solve fundamental metaphysical questions and profound paradoxes.

A Case Study of Sabotage by the British Royal Society:
Leibniz, Papin, and the Steam Engine
Philip Valenti
The Newtonians delayed steam power 100 years by supressing the Leibnizian conceptions behind the machine tool principle.

Wilhelm Weber’s ‘Aphorisms’: On the Hypotheses of Temporal Ordering
The first English translation of posthumously published fragments by Wilhelm Weber, concerning an anti-linear concept of time, with introductory comments by the translator.

Biographical Appendix:
Wilhelm Weber: Giant of 19th Century Physics

We Can Feed the World!
A review of new technologies for agriculture—and what’s slowing their implementation.
Colin Lowry

Increasing Yields with Precision Farming
Marsha Freeman

Irradiation Processing: Increasing the Quantity and Quality of the Food Supply
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Interview with Sadao Hattori: Cancer Suppression and Rejuvenation Using Low-dose Radiation

Cloning: Medical Spin-offs and A Challenge to Old Assumptions
Colin Lowry

What Man-Induced Climate Change?
Dr. Hugh W. Ellsaesser

Does Light Travel Faster in the Earth-Sextans Direction?
David Cherry

Interview with John Ralston:
‘Look for Things Not Explainable by Conventional Means’

Interview with Borge Nodland: A Contradiction with Relativity Theory?

Leonardo for Young Scientists: Genius Can Be Taught!
Susan Welsh

The Bunkification of Physics Today
Thomas E. Phipps, Jr.

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