Fall 1996 Vol. 9, No. 3

The Atomic Science Textbooks Don’t Teach: The Significance of the 1845 Gauss-Weber Correspondence
Laurence Hecht
The 1830’s experiments of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Weber to test Ampère’s electrodynamic theory, led to the conception of the electron and atomic nucleus, more than 50 years before their empirical confirmation.

    Experimental Apparatus and Instrumentation

    The Gauss Magnetometer

    The Electrodynamometer and Weber’s Proof of Ampère’s Theory

    The Text of the Gauss-Weber 1845 Correspondence

    The Evidence for Radiation Hormesis
    T.D. Luckey

Discovery of Life on Mars to Redefine Future Missions
Marsha Freeman

The Gate to the Antimatter Universe
Charles B. Stevens

An Introduction to “The Significance of the Gauss-Weber 1845 Correspondence”
Jonathan Tennenbaum

Science Vs. Humbugging
Joseph Henry (1850 speech)

The Long and Short of It: Our Stolen Future
Reviewed by J. Gordon Edwards

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