Spring 1997 Vol. 10, No. 1

The Keplerian Harmony of Planets and their Moons
Lothar Komp
The author discovers the ordering principle of the moons orbiting the planets, not with sterile computer modelling or Newton’s so-called laws, but using a lively Keplerian imagination.

Another Global Warming Fraud Exposed: Ice Core Data Show No Carbon Dioxide Increase
Zbigniew Jaworowski, Ph.D.
Attempts to back up the global warming thesis with analyses of the carbon dioxide content of air bubbles in glacial ice samples, are based on fudged data and ignorance of the physical processes of glacial ice formation.

The Battle Over the Laws of Electrodynamics
Dr. Rémi Saumont
A French physicist reviews the experiments designed to prove the existence of the Ampère longitudinal force.

High-Tech Development Corridors: Motor for Eurasian Development
Jonathan Tennenbaum

Demonstrating Gauss and Weber’s Magnetometer
Jonathan Tennenbaum

A New Approach to Cancer Treatment Using Essential Fatty Acids
Colin Lowry

The Truth About Pesticides
Thomas H. Jukes

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