Summer 1996 Vol. 9, No. 2

The Compelling Power of Astronomy
Astronomy As a Matter of Method
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
As the history of astronomy shows, human knowledge is based not upon simple perception, but upon study of the anomalous fallacies of perception.

Greek Astronomy: Ascending from Sense Certainty
Bob Robinson
The ancient Greeks used their minds to measure a universe they could not ‘see.’

A Walk in Space: The Herschels’ Revolution in Astronomy
Caroline Hartmann
William and Caroline Herschel built telescopes of unprecedented quality and size, surveyed all celestial phenomena, and pursued the hidden lawfulness of “the architecture of the heavens.”

A ‘Grand Design’: Kepler and Renaissance Science in China
Michael Billington
The Jesuit mission in 17th century China, driven by the ideas of Kepler and Leibniz, proves the universality of Renaissance science-and the need to revive its methods today.

Chernobyl: 10 Years Later

Interview with Zbigniew Jaworowski:
Chernobyl Finished the Communist System

Interview with Linden Blue:
Turning Swords into Plowshares with the Modular Helium Reactor

Interview with Sohei Kondo:
Allaying the Fear of Chernobyl Fallout

Buckytubes: Tomorrow’s TV Screen?
Mark Wilsey

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