Summer 1995 Vol. 8, No. 2

A Tragedy of Science: The Life of Max Planck
Caroline Hartmann
Planck’s discovery of the quantization of energy posed a challenge that modern physics never answered. He foresaw disaster for society in the noncausality of Bohr’s Copenhagen interpretation. His character and honesty made him a target of the Nazis, who finally killed his son.

Hubble’s Quasar Images: A Moment of Truth
David Cherry
Quasar observations from the Space Telescope were instantly fatal to the accepted theory of quasars, but they support the theories of Victor Ambartsumian and Halton Arp.

From Hot to Cold Fusion: A Look at the Life of Yoshiaka Arata
Carol White
Japanese cold fusion scientist Yoshiaka Arata has pioneered new technologies since the 1950s, when he was the the first Japanese scientist to work on controlled thermonuclear fusion.

Stop the $1 Trillion Clean-up Scam Restart Nuclear Reprocessing
Clinton Bastin

‘Wise Use’ and Environmentalists Both Played by Same Forces
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Statistical Tricks and the Big Lie about AIDS
Wolfgang Lillge, M.D.

Sonoluminescence: Tapping the Light Fantastic
Mark Wilsey

The Invisible Revolution: Microelectromechanical Systems
Jim Olson

Kobe Earthquake Sounds Alarm:
New Infrastructure Can Prevent Future Quake Damage
Rogelio A. Maduro

Climate Reality, Not Politics, Should Determine Policy
Hugh Ellsaesser, Ph.D.

Affordable Energy Is Not Enough
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

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