Fall 1994 Vol. 7, No. 3

The Great Atom Bomb Hoax
Carol White
Contrary to conventional wisdom, the one-world utopians like Bertrand Russell backed the atomic bomb as a means of achieving world government-and opposed peaceful nuclear energy as a danger to their one-world plans.

The Unheard Arguments: A Rational View on Stratospheric Ozone
Hugh W. Ellsaesser
Everything Chicken Little needs to know to be saved from ozone depletion disaster stories.

Silent Spring and the Betrayal of Environmentalism
Thomas H. Jukes
An eminent American scientist documents Rachel Carson’s legacy-an increase in irrational fears of pesticides accompanied by an increase in death and disease caused by the ban on DDT.

The Pagan Roots of Environmentalism
Michael S. Coffman
The biocentric worldview of the New Age environmentalists that threatens Western civilization got its start in the antihuman philosophy of the 19th century preservationists and mystics.

Biodiversity Treaty Targets Civilization
Carol Hugunin

Nuclear Energy in France and the U.S.
Bertrand de Galassus

Hormesis: The Beneficial Effects of Radiation
Zbigniew Jaworowski, M.D., Ph.D.

A Nontraditional Approach: The Problem of Protostellar Matter
Ludwig V. Mirzoyan

The Superconductivity Dynamo
Mark Wilsey

Cold Fusion Experiments with Perovskites
Carol White

Science Versus the Scientific Establishment
Gary Kissler

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