Winter 1993-1994 Vol. 6, No. 4

The Coming (or Present) Ice Age:
A Long-Term Perspective on the Current Global Warming Fad
Laurence Hecht
A serious scientific look at the last 4.6 billion years rules out silly scare stories.

What the 1993 Flood Tells Us:
Restore the Tradition of the Army Corps of Engineers!
Richard Freeman
There is scarcely an infrastructure project in America built in the 19th century that the Army Corps of Engineers did not plan, survey, engineer, or construct-or all of the above.

Japan’s Plutonium Economy
Marjorie Mazel Hecht
Treating plutonium as a “renewable resource” makes sense for a nation committed to scientific progress and economic growth.

New Mideast Peace Accords Call for
Best Water and Power Technologies
Marcia Merry

The Battle for Superphénix
Emmanuel Grenier

Do Magnetic Fields Explain the Enigma of Rotation in Spiral Galaxies?
Eduardo Battaner

Greenpeace’s Financial Misconduct Exposed in New Danish Documentary
Poul Rasmussen

Asbestos: The Big Lie
Matthew Moriarty

National Biological Survey: The Coming Lock-up of North America
Carol Hugunin

Interview with Lucien Israël: Making Incurable Cancers Chronic Until They Can Be Cured

Geometric Representation of the Imaginary Number
Laurence Hecht

The American System Vs. ‘Lady Macbeth’
Pamela Lowry

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