Fall 1993 Vol. 6, No. 3

Hermann Oberth: The Father of Space Travel
Marsha Freeman
Working in the 1920s, Oberth solved the theoretical problems of rocketry, outlined the technology needed for man to live and work in space, and provided the determination to make his vision a reality.

Reviving de Broglie’s Wave-Particle Synthesis
Philippe Guéret
Recent experiments provoke a fresh look at Louis de Broglie’s alternative to the acausality of quantum mechanics.

What’s Wrong with Hawking’s Theory of Time and Space?
B.A. Soldano, Ph.D.
The nonequivalence of inertial and gravitational mass is demonstrated to provide a theoretical and practical basis for understanding imaginary time, without the acausality of Hawking’s theory.

‘Sustainable Agriculture’ Is Bunk:
Advanced Technologies Can Feed Billions
Marcia Merry

Interview with Dr. Paisan Loaharanu:
Food Irradiation Is Advancing Worldwide
Interview with Laurence and Marjorie Hecht Virginia Political Vendetta to Jail 21st Century Editor

Interview with Linden Blue:
Gas Turbine Modular Helium Reactor Provides
‘Tremendous Prospect for Industrial Growth’

Cell Implant Technology: Medical Care of the Future
Carol Hugunin

Atomic Clusters: A Challenge to Physics, A Promise of New Materials
Mark Wilsey

Volcanoes Belch Chlorine, Regardless of Opposition
Rogelio A. Maduro

Do Grizzlies Have the Same Rights As Humans?
William Perry Pendley

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