Summer 1993 Vol. 6, No. 2

Malaria: The Killer That Could Have Been Conquered
Dr. J. Gordon Edwards
A well-known entomologist documents how U.S. antipesticide activists stopped DDT, the pesticide that could have stopped malaria from killing millions.

Behind the Russian SDI Offer: A Scientific, Technological, and Strategic Revolution
Jonathan Tennenbaum
Joint development of an antimissile defense based on new plasma technologies was proposed by the Russians in April.

Interview with Adm. James Watkins: An Inside Look at SDI History

The Old and the New SDI
Paul B. Gallagher

The Rickover Effect: How One Man Made a Difference
Theodore Rockwell
A key insider on Hyman G. Rickover’s Nuclear Navy team tells the story of how the ‘can-do’ admiral made nuclear energy a reality for the Navy and for civilian power, providing a lesson for those who would lead today.

Stanford Accelerator Results Raise New Problems for Particle Theory
Carol White
New results at SLAC challenge fundamental assumptions of the theory of quantum chromodynamics; an experimental and a theoretical physicist discuss the predicament.

Interview with Giuliano Preparata:
New Theory of Quark Confinement Proposed

Did the H-Bomb Tests of 1961-1962 Affect Stratospheric Ozone?
Hugh Ellsaesser, Ph.D.

Interview with Dr. Richard Wilson:
The Health Effects of Chernobyl

Chiral Drug Technology: How to Handle Handedness
Mark Wilsey

Budget Cuts Delay Fusion’s Promise in Mainline and Alternate Concepts
Dr. Stephen O. Dean

The Status of Cold Fusion As a Significant Phenomenon
Dr. Edmund Storms

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