Spring 1993 Vol. 6, No. 1

Ole Rømer and the Discovery of the Speed of Light
Poul Rasmussen
How a Danish scientist predicted and then proved, contrary to the established 17th century view, that the propagation of light was not instantaneous.

Why Are Soap Bubbles Smarter Than You Are?
Raynald Rouleau
When you have reached the end of this article, the author hopes you will know the answer to this as well as to other questions such as ‘Why hasn’t the world produced someone like Leonardo da Vinci since the 16th century?’


    ANS Chicago Meeting Calls for Second Era of Atoms for Peace

    50th Anniversary Statement: Perspectives of Nuclear Pioneers

    A Dialogue with Andre Giraud:
    Can the Third World Have Nuclear Energy Now?

    Nuclear Power in the Former Soviet States
    Interviews with
    Prof. Victor Orlov, ‘How Are We Going to Survive?’
    Georgyi A. Kopchinsky, 'The Safety of Soviet-built Plants Would Improve with Western Equipment'
    Dr. Vladimir Minkov, ‘Nuclear Is the Only Reliable Source for the Future’

Hanford Workers’ Health and the Decline of Scientific Debate
Michael R. Fox, Ph.D.

Interview with Julia Child:
Food Irradiation and Biotechnology Necessary to ‘Protect People’

How the Greens Are Sending Australia Back to Wilderness
Nigel Gleeson

Extremists Attack Norway for Resumption of Whaling
Kathleen Marquardt

The Third International Cold Fusion Conference: Solid State Fusion Comes of Age
Carol White

Fallout Studies Show That Marine Chlorine Reaches Stratosphere
Zbingniew Jaworowski, Ph.D.

Do the Laws of Nature and Physics Agree on What Is Allowed and Forbidden?
Dr. Mario Rabinowitz

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