Summer 1992 Vol. 5, No. 2

Henry the Navigator and the Apollo Project That Launched Columbus
Timothy Rush
Prince Henry of Portugal’s ‘School of Sagres’ was the mission control center for a 15th century Apollo Project in ocean discovery and colonization.


Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli: The Scientist Who Guided Columbus
Richard Sanders
Remnants of an astronomical instrument in Florence’s famous cathedral shed light on this remarkable Renaissance scientist.

An Interview with NASA’s Christopher McKay: Terraforming Mars in the Second Age of Exploration
When could we begin to introduce life on Mars? A unique NASA program studies remote locations like Antarctica to obtain clues to this and other questions about life on Mars.

The Lies of Rachel Carson
Dr. J. Gordon Edwards
A well-known entomologist documents some of the falsehoods in Carson’s Silent Spring, the 1962 book that poisoned public opinion against DDT and other pesticides.

Report from the Earth Summit: Dr. Dixy Lee Ray Battles the Rio Green Agenda
Geraldo Lino

The Climate Catastrophe Business:
Why the Chemical Companies Need the Ozone Hole
Dieter Schuetze

Interview with Dr. Harold Kroto: How the Discovery of Buckyballs Came from Astrophysics

Beyond C60: The Fullerene Future
Mark Wilsey

Tuberculosis, Disease of Poverty, Is on the Move
Cynthia Parsons

What the Front-line TB Experts Say:

    Dr. Barry Bloom, Albert Einstein College
    Dr. Patrick Brennan, Colorado State University
    Dr. George Douvas, Webb-Waring Lung Institute

Takahashi Brings Cold Fusion Results and New Theory to U.S.
Carol White

Italian Physicist Denounces Cold Fusion Witch-hunt to Washington Press
Laurence Hecht

Scientific American, Cold Fusion, and LaRouche

Fluctuations in Cosmic Background Do Not Prove ‘Big Bang’
David Cherry

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