Winter 1991 Vol. 4, No. 4

The Scientific Method of Bernhard Riemann
Part 1: Riemann and the Göttingen School
Ralf Schauerhammer and Jonathan Tennenbaum
The applicability of Riemann’s mathematics to relativity theory was not magic. In fact, the work of Riemann and the “Göttingen school,” takes us well beyond relativity and the mechanistic philosophy embedded in 20th century science.

The Origin and Evolution of Stars: An Observational Approach
Ludwig V. Mirzoyan
Pioneering work on stellar origins and evolution by the Armenian astronomer Victor Ambartsumian and his school is reported by one of his closest associates.

Setting the 10,000-Year Climate Record Straight
Hugh W. Ellsaesser
A leading atmospheric scientist reviews the evidence and demonstrates that the global warming doomsday phenomenon is not real.

Special Report: Earth Summit
The Unsustainable Goals Of the U.N. Earth Summit
Marjorie Mazel Hecht and David Cherry

The View from Brazil: Stop the Earth Summit!
Lorenzo Carrasco Bazua

Finally, Food Irradiation Comes to America
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Sonoluminescence Sheds New Light on Physics
Carol White

Dr. Seth Putterman: ‘A Phenomenal Focusing of Energy’

Dr. Lawrence Crum: ‘No Impossible Science Here’

Dr. Giuliano Preparata: Applying the Theory of ‘Superradiance’ to Sonoluminescence

Buckyballs: A New Form of Carbon Shapes a New Scientific Frontier
Mark Wilsey

Interview with Richard E. Smalley: Meeting the Challenge of Fullerenes

Interview with Dr. Tadahiko Mizuno:
‘I May Have Seen D-D Fusion Without Recognizing It’

Soviet Scientists Propose World Effort
To Save Endangered Fusion ‘Species’

Interview with André Dodin: Cholera: A Preventable Killer

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