Spring 1991 Vol. 4, No. 1

Fission and the Breakthrough of Women in Fundamental Scientific Research
Jonathan Tennenbaum
Radical feminists and others who fear nuclear energy, and technology in general, should take a lesson from the women who founded nuclear science.

How Nuclear Fission Was Really Discovered
Jonathan Tennenbaum
For years students had been taught that the fission of uranium was physically impossible. Nuclear chemist Ida Noddack objected, but her voice was ignored for 5 years—until Hahn and Strassman’s “discovery” of 1938-1939.

LaRouche’s ‘Oasis Plan’: The Only Real Basis for Mideast Peace
Economist Lyndon LaRouche’s Grand Design for regional infrastructure development, first proposed 15 years ago, is still the only way to build a stable peace in the Mideast.

Man-made Rivers and Lakes Can Transform the Mideast and Africa
Marcia Merry
Since the 1950s, regional water projects have been proposed as the way to peace and prosperity in the Mideast and Africa. The blueprints are still workable today.

A TVA on the Jordan
Marsha Freeman
The TVA brought the American southeast into the 20th century and inspired leaders in developing nations with its bold and successful approach to doing the impossible.

A Geometer’s Delight: Hyperbolic Functions, the Catenary, and the Human Mind
Carol White
Hyperbolic functions unify many seemingly disparate areas of mathematical physics, which becomes clear when we look at their underlying geometry.

Special Report: Will America Have Enough Scientists and Engineers for the Next Century?
Mark Wilsey

Interview with Dr. Bassam Z. Shakhashiri:
We Need Scientifically Educated Citizens

Killing the U.S. Fusion Program
Charles B. Stevens

Taking Man Out of the U.S. Space Program
Marsha Freeman

Grounding the Aerospace Industry-And America’s Future
Marsha Freeman

Greens Target French Nuclear Program
Emmanuel Grenier

How France Became No. 1 in Nuclear
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

French Data Show ‘Ozone Hole’ Was There in 1958—Before CFCs
Rogelio A. Maduro

In Memoriam: The Remarkable Physical Intuition of Winston H. Bostick
Charles B. Stevens

A New Look at Negative Curvature:
Applying Beltrami’s Geometry to Astrophysics
Charles B. Stevens

Accomplishing the ‘Impossible’: A New Brucellosis Vaccine
David Cherry

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