Spring 1990 Vol. 3, No. 2

MHTGR: Nuclear Power to Develop the World
Marjorie Mazel Hecht
The modular high-temperature gas-cooled reactor is an ideal choice as the powerhouse for agroindustrial development from Eastern Europe to East Africa-simple, safe, versatile, and ready to come on line fast.

Poland Needs the MHTGR
An interview with Polish nuclear scientist Dr. Edward Obryk

Sun Yat-sen’s Grand Design for Industrializing China: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
Jonathan Tennenbaum
Sun Yat-sen’s comprehensive development plan to make China into the “New World of the 20th century” and guarantee world peace is six decades old, but exactly what must be done today.

The U.S. Space Program and the Ming Navy
Dr. Arthur Kantrowitz
Retreat from an adventurous technology policy has led America, like the Ming dynasty, into the clutches of the no-risk, no-growth Malthusians.

Big Bang Cosmology Bites Intergalactic Dust
Paul Marmet
More and more astronomical evidence points to the absurdity of the theory that the universe started with a Big Bang. A Canadian astrophysicist presents this evidence and explains how the cosmic redshift is caused by matter between galaxies, not by the Doppler effect.

The Metaphysics of Complex Numbers
Karl Gauss
The 19th century German mathematician’s commentary on the geometric determination of relationships among numbers, in an English translation
Jonathan Tennenbaum

Special Report: A Decade of AIDS—And Inaction
John Grauerholz, M.D.

International AIDS Conference Condemns Genocidal Policies
AIDS in Africa: Worse Than the Black Death
Jonathan Tennenbaum

Understanding Cold Fusion As a New Physical Principle
Hal Fox

Cold Fusion Works at Stanford University: An Interview with Prof. Robert A. Huggins

‘Something’ Is Producing Tritium and Excess Heat: An Interview with Texas A&M’s Nigel Packham

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