November-December 1989 Vol. 2, No. 6

‘The Eye Is the Window of the Soul’: Leonardo da Vinci’s Science of ‘Prospettiva’
Robert L. Gallagher
The ancient theory of human vision, based on the soul, is confirmed by Leonardo.

Ominous Trends in U.S. Defense
Ryan Johnson
As the United States closes down its in-depth defense capabilities, the Soviets are in the middle of a war build-up plan that will give them military superiority in three to five years. New Soviet weapons based on new physical principles are ready for deployment.

How to Organize Today’s Moon/Mars Program
Marsha Freeman
A review of an unusual Apollo history book that gives a behind-the-scenes look at the men who made it possible for the United States to fulfill President Kennedy’s mission plan to land a man on the Moon within a decade.

Cold Fusion: New Findings Overpower Stale Lies
Ramtanu Maitra

Interview with Dr. Steven Jones: ‘The Excess Heat Is Interesting, But Not Fusion’

Interview with Dr. Hugo Rossi: ‘The First-order Priority Is Reproducibility and Repeatability’

Energy Department Sabotages Magnetic Fusion
Marsha Freeman

Who’s Trying to Stop Brazil’s Nuclear Program?

Unscientific and Un-American: Scientific American on Managing Planet Earth: A Review
Hugh W. Ellsaesser, Ph.D.

Voyager Finds a Spectacular Neptune
Marsha Freeman

A Laser Experimenter’s Diary, Part 1
David Cherry

There Is a Super Train in Our Future
Joseph Vranich

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