May-June 1989 Vol. 2, No. 3

The Apollo Legacy: Return America to Leadership in Space
Marsha Freeman
Twenty years ago, the first Americans set foot upon the Moon. Now is the time for the United States to return to bold goals and recommit itself to preeminence in space.

Where Do Galaxies Come from? Redshifts and the Spirit of Scientific Inquiry
David Cherry
Prevailing dogma holds that redshifts are a sure guide to the distance of galaxies and quasars, but what is the cost to science of defending the dogma?

How to Make Tritium-and Torch Nuclear Waste: Build the Fusion-Fission Hybrid
Charles B. Stevens
There is a simple and economical solution to producing tritium and eliminating nuclear waste: Develop the next-step technology of the fusion-fission hybrid.

The Great Diet-Heart Scam
George V. Mann, M.D.
An expert on diet and disease gives a scientific assessment of the war against fat and cholesterol, where propaganda and profit-not reason-now reign.

Cold Fusion Could Spark a Revolution in Science

MTX: Using Microwaves to Heat a Tokamak Plasma
Charles B. Stevens

The Politicizing of Climate Science
Hugh W. Ellsaesser

Interview with Miguel Salmeron: Imaging Unaltered Biological Molecules

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