January-February 1989 Vol. 2 No. 1

Is the World Weather System in a Phase Shift?
Carol White
Failures to provide infrastructure and development projects to deal with normal oscillations in weather patterns turn every case of extreme weather into a natural disaster.

Climatic Consequences of Razing the Rain Forest
Rogelio A. Maduro
The burning of the Amazon rain forest has already turned millions of square kilometers of lush forest into wasteland, with severe consequences for the world climate.

Interview with Dr. Alberto W. Setzer:
The Rainforest Will Be Gone in 10 to 15 Years

New Technologies to Feed a Growing World
Marsha Freeman
Biotechnologies exist to increase agricultural productivity, from growing food crops resistant to frost to those that grow in salt water. Now is the time to push ahead on these frontiers, to make sure we are ready to meet the food needs of the 21st century.

The Controversial X-ray Laser: Ready to Deploy by the Early 1990s
Charles B. Stevens
Now that previously classified material has been made public, the news is out: It is possible to develop “a single X-ray laser module the size of an executive desk which . . . could potentially shoot down the entire Soviet land-based missile force.”

Who Speaks for Science?
Dr. Dixy Lee Ray

Time to Free Bangladesh from Nature’s Fury
Ramtanu Maitra

Thailand Develops Its Own Laser
Sophie Tanapura

The Space Challenge for the Next President
Marsha Freeman

World Food Reserves Gone
Marcia Merry

How Marijuana Destroys the Immune System
John Grauerholz, M.D.

Crystals That Emit Energy
David Cherry

How Can Astronomical Redshifts Be Quantized?
David Cherry

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