July-August 1988 Vol. 1, No. 3

How the Solar System Was Formed
Daniel R. Wells
A fusion scientist discovers that God uses the same approach to form a solar system and a stable laboratory plasma.

New Technologies Hold Clue to Curing Cancer
Wolfgang Lillge, M.D.
Recent developments in optical biophysics may transform the way we diagnose and treat cancer.

Optical Biophysics and Viruses: Tracking Down the Cause of AIDS
John Grauerholz, M.D.
The unique characteristics of the AIDS virus require a new direction in biology to explore the electromagnetic properties of living matter and thus find a way to stop AIDS.

Flying into the 21st Century with the Space Plane
Charles B. Stevens
Engineering advances on a reusable spacecraft to fly in and out of Earth-orbit promises to lift the space plane off the drawing board and into the air.

The Universe Sings
Carol White
A geometrical derivation of the musical scale that shows what music and astrophysics have in common with living forms.

How to Kill Locust Swarms Fast? ‘Zap’ Them with Electromagnetic Pulses
Warren J. Hamerman

Food Irradiation Means Better Health
Niel E. Nielson

Laser Fusion at ‘Historical Turning Point’
Charles B. Stevens

Is the Space Station Going the Way of the Shuttle?
Marsha Freeman

Defending U.S. Defense: Conference Charts Progress in SDI
Charles B. Stevens and Carol White

Kuiper Airborne Observatory: A Flying Telescope
Jim Everett

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