May-June 1988 Vol. 1, No. 2

Mysterium Microcosmicum: The Geometric Basis For the Periodicity of the Elements
Laurence Hecht
A geometric ordering of the atomic nucleus that accounts for the 92 naturally occurring elements and many of their properties.

Curing AIDS by Mastering the Harmonies of Cell Mitosis
Warren J. Hamerman
No single biological question allows us to more directly confront the fundamentals of living proceses-from curing AIDS to counteracting the aging process-than mitosis, the capacity of living organisms to grow, reproduce themselves, and transmit information to their progeny.

The Soviets Challenge the U.S. in Space
Marsha Freeman
Contrary to their disinformation campaign, the Soviets have already “militarized” space and can now threaten every satellite the United States has in space.

Let’s Tell the Truth About Pesticides
Dr. J. Gordon Edwards

Compact Ignition Torus Put on Austerity Budget by Congress
David Cherry

Interview with Dr. Allen Salzberg
AIDS Study Shows 13 Million Dead or Sick by 2005

‘Vacuuming’ the Ocean Floor
Christophyer J. Crowley

Inspecting Our Closest Star: The Sun
David Cherry

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