March-April 1988 Vol. 1, No. 1

Two Days to Mars with Fusion Propulsion
Marsha Freeman
High-speed travel to Mars is not science fiction: If we have the political will, we can develop the necessary technology by the second decade of the 21st century.

Space Farming in the 21st Century
Frank B. Salisbury and Bruce G. Bugbee
Preparations for New Year’s Eve dinner on the Moon in the year 2020.

Johannes Kepler: Voyager in Space
Carol White
Kepler’s fanciful account of his voyage to the Moon in the early 1600s demonstrates the superiority of his method and his scientific results over those of Newton.

Bioelectromagnetics: How Radiofrequency Waves Interact with Living Systems
James W. Frazer, Ph.D., and Joye E. Frazer
The nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation on living cells offer clues as to what is life, as well as to understanding Soviety research on the possibility of controlling human thought and emotional experience.

Will Radiofrequency Weapons Be the Sputnik of the ‘80s?
Robert Gallagher
The Soviets are leading the way in developing a new antipersonnel weapon more effective than the atomic bomb.

Why We Must Colonize Mars
Dr. Thomas O. Paine

The World’s Longest Tunnel and Bridge
Kiyoshi Yazawa

The Dawn of Star Power: Livermore’s Nova Demonstrates the Science for Laser Fusion
Charles B. Stevens

New Los Alamos Zeta Pinch Experiment Expected to Reach Fusion Conditions
Charles B. Stevens

U.S. SDI Crippled, Soviets Leap Ahead
Paul Gallagher

AIDS Ready to Explode in Latin America
Bertha Farfan, M.D.

New Approach Offers Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease
John Grauerholz, M.D.

Supernova 1987a Comes into Focus
David Cherry

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