Featured in the Spring 2001 Issue Vol. 14, No. 1

The Natural Science of Johann Wolfgang Goethe
Ralf Schauerhammer
For Germany’s 18th Century poet, science was developed from poetry, and science and art were inseparable. Through his universal approach, Goethe discovered the human intermaxillary bone, conceived of the “original plant,” and developed a theory of colors opposed to that of Newton.

Anti-Gravity: Myth or Reality
by Rémi Saumont
Is anti-gravity possible? Has it been demonstrated? Is gravity an electromagnetic force? The author, a French physicist and former research director of a major scientific institution, brings light and heat to this much debated topic.
* Partial text


Should the Law of Gravity Be Repealed?: The Suppressed Electrodynamics of Ampère-Gauss-Weber
Laurence Hecht
* Full text



“New Vernadsky ‘Translation’ Is Not Vernadsky” The Biosphere by Vladimir I. Vernadsky, Trans. by D.B. Langmuir, Edited by Mark A.S. McMenamin, Reviewed by Elisabeth Pascali

A Fly for the Prosecution: How Insect Evidence Helps Solve Crimes, by Dr. M. Lee Goff, Reviewed by J. Gordon Edwards, Ph.D.

The History of Mir: 1986-2000, Edited by Rex Hall, Reviewed by Marsha Freeman

The Deregulation Fraud: It’s Not ‘Supply and Demand’
Marsha Freeman

A 25-Year Solution to the Energy Crisis
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
* Partial text

The New Nuclear Power
Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Inside the Fourth-Generation Reactors
* Partial text

A Meltdown-Proof Reactor: The General Atomics GT-MHR

Interview with Linden Blue: GA’s GT-MHR—Ready to Go in 6 Years

South Africa’s Supersafe Pebble Bed Reactor

Will the Pebble Bed Come to the U.S.A.?

An Interview with Guilherme Camargo: How Brazil’s Nuclear Association Defeated Greenpeace
* Partial text

Prince Philip’s WWF Sues LaRouche Affiliate in Brazil

Who Killed U.S. Nuclear Power?
Marsha Freeman
* Full text

How the Cell Sees
Colin Lowry

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