21st Century

The Moon
Model of the Nucleus

Relativistic Considerations in the Moon Model;
The Riemannian Space of the Nucleus
Laurence Hecht
Fall 2009

Neutron 'Octaves' in the Moon Nuclear Model:
A Harmonic Ordering of the Stable Isotopes
Laurence Hecht

New Approach to the Ordering Principle of the Stable Isotopes
Laurence Hecht
Fall 2007

Robert J. Moon on How He Conceived His Nuclear Model
Robert J. Moon, Jr.
Fall 2004

New Explorations with the Moon Model
Laurence Hecht with Charles B. Stevens
Fall 2004

The ABC of Cosmic Humbuggery (editorial)
Laurence Hecht
Fall 2003

Advances in Developing the Moon Nuclear Model
Laurence Hecht
Fall 2000

Who Was Robert J. Moon?
Laurence Hecht
Fall 2000

The Atomic Science Textbooks Don't Teach
Laurence Hecht
Fall 1996

The Geometric Basis for the Periodicity of the Elements
Laurence Hecht
May-June 1988

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