July- August 1989 Vol. 2, No. 4

The Apollo Project of the Golden Renaissance
Nora Hamerman and Claudio Rossi
The magnificent dome of the Florence Cathedral embodies the achievement of Renaissance science-man’s increasing dominion over nature-and the individuals whose political battles made that Renaissance possible.
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Brunelleschi and the Quantization of Space
Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Brunelleschi’s crucial discoveries in the 15th century are relevant today in helping us understand the role of negative curvature in representing the necessity of progress from a lower to a higher phase state.
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Was AIDS Deliberately Created?
John Grauerholz, M.D.
The public health measures taken to combat AIDS worldwide suggest that the aim is population control, not the elimination of the disease.

The Cross That Went to the Moon
Father Giovanni Garbolino

Interview with Winston Bostick: ‘The Jury Is Still Out’ on Cold Fusion

The Myth Behind the Ozone Hole Scare
Rogelio A. Maduro

AIDS As a Cross-Species Viral Transfer
John Seale, M.D.

The Truth About Solar Energy: It Costs Too Much
Dr. Michael Fox

A Way Out of the Quasar Redshift Shambles
Winston H. Bostick

Redshifts and the Plasma Focus
Winston H. Bostick

Do Embryos Need Gravity?
David Cherry

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